Engine Saver® - Low Coolant
                           Don't lose your cool.... fit an EngineSaver
                An Engine Saver® is a device which monitors the coolant level in an engine.
      Low coolant alarms are fitted to very few engines as standard equipment by manufacturers.
 When the coolant level drops due to a split hose, a stone through the radiator, a faulty pump seal
or simply because the radiator cap wasn't replaced properly this device is designed to help warn you
                                     Before any engine damage is done.
            Over 70% of major engine blow-ups are caused by coolant loss going un-detected.
  In fact the normal temperature gauge will drop in cases of sudden coolant loss as the sensor in    
                          the cylinder head needs coolant around it to work properly.
 When a heater or radiator hose splits or blows the coolant is suddenly lost in a matter of seconds. 
     the temperature gauge reading drops, the engine overheats and expensive damage is done.
                          When a stone or rock damages the radiator core coolant is lost.
                If you are lucky the temperature gauge will rise and you may notice it in time.
   If you miss it or the coolant is lost rapidly, preventing the gauge from working, goodbye engine.
           If the vehicle is parked shortly after the hit, the coolant will seep out under the car.
         Some time later the driver returns to a vehicle with little coolant in it and drives away.
        The temperature gauge does not register as it needs coolant around the sensor to work.
                      The motor cooks. Goodbye car for a few weeks. Goodbye big dollars.
  An Engine Saver® Low Coolant Alarm will help warn the driver of this disaster waiting to happen
                                      Same thing with a faulty water pump seal.
  Most water pump seals when they fail, first weep a little bit of coolant when the engine is running.
     When the engine is switched off for the night, the coolant steadily leaks out under the vehicle.
                          Next morning the engine is started and the vehicle driven away.
    The coolant level is low, the temperature gauge doesn't read correctly and the engine cooks.
                               We hear these stories all the time from new customers.
 That's not all. Coolant loss very rarely happens in a convenient place. Take it from one who knows.
  It happens at the traffic lights in the city, out in the bush in 4 wheel drives, when Mum is picking
   the kids up from school. Towing the caravan or trailer on a trip. On the beach at Fraser Island.
   On the Highway many miles from help or the RACQ-NRMA motoring organisation rescue tilt truck.
 None of these situations are much fun. And when you do eventually get the vehicle to a repairer it
      will probably be at least couple of weeks before you get it back. Not to mention the cost.
We manufacture Engine Saver® low coolant alarms to help prevent this nightmare happening to you
   Please don't become yet another person who is buying an  Engine Saver®  because they have  
  already cooked an engine in their vehicle. Buy one before you cook the engine, it's a lot cheaper.
An Engine Saver® can be fitted to any engine by a mechanic, auto electrician or home handyman  
      in less than an hour without drilling holes in radiators or tanks and using normal hand tools.
   All models come with both audible & visual warnings and come with a 2 year warranty 


Do you really want to drill a hole in your radiator? With an Engine Saver® you don't have to.

We have 2 main types of coolant sensors, screw in and In-line hose sensors.

We have a kit to suit any vehicle or machine.

For those who simply must drill a hole in a metal tank we can supply a screw in sensor with or without a solder in threaded brass bush. Various sizes are available on request.

Electrolysis... Want the truth?

Toyota kits with screw in sensors
For Toyota Land Cruiser 200, 76, Series V8 engines
The sensor replaces the existing radiator air bleed screw
 Hilux D4D 3.0L Diesel with screw in sensor
And Toyota Prado D4D 3.0L Diesel with screw in sensor
Sensor screws straight into the thermostat housing
replacing the air bleed fitting.
Kits are available for most vehicles.
Fleet /Mine buyers please contact David direct.
Toyota/Nissan Mine site vehicles a specialty


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Please note:
The Engine Saver® Is designed to assist in the prevention of your engines overheating
 It is not a guarantee that overheating will not occur

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